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Relax, Renew & Find an Adventure

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Let me admit – the title of this post is a bit of plagiarism on my part – borrowed it from a magazine on the coffee table of the house we are staying at.  But what the heck, it is apt to describe the current experience on our trip this Thanksgiving week.

The setting is Utah – Zion National Park and the area around what is called the Grand Staircase – represents fascinating rock formations through millions of years of erosion.  The highest point of Zion National Park is 7800 feet (vaguely remember the shuttle bus driver mentioning this).  What she also mentioned is that every 13 – 14 inches represents approximately 1000 years of erosion.

Our first adventure was yesterday – it started with a ~60 mile road trip (42 of which were semi off-road) to a place called Willis Creek Slot Canyon. My description of the ‘Slot’ canyon would probably be inaccurate or let us just put it this way – difficult for me to explain what it is. So here is a picture that speaks for itself..

We hiked through these slots and what made the hike more interesting (besides the drive there) was the shallow frozen and sometimes flowing river at the floor of the canyon.

Utah has some of the most amazing geological history and this canyon is a small example of the transformation this land has experienced over the millions of years.  With 5 national parks, the state is America’s National Park capital.  With Zion and Byrce Canyon on this trip, we will have covered 4 out of the 5.

As we hiked through, we came across spots which were tricky to navigate – wet, slippery and sometimes a little dangerous.  Some of us climbed up some rocks and validated that going up is the easy part, coming down can be problematic..

On the hike, we did not see much wildlife to speak of except for the dead deer which probably fell prey to a mountain lion. The carcass was hollow – so I am sure vultures might have enjoyed a pick too!

We all enjoyed the hike but I would have to say Amaan had a blast.  In his view, we only had one choice while traversing the canyon – Get our feet wet! and I think he got his wet even before the hike started.

Here are a few more pictures…

Mehboob and I climbed up near a newly formed arch.

Entry to the parking lot of Willis Creek..


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  1. Rashesh says:

    wow – wish we were there !!

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