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Days 53/54 – Who will miss you when you are gone?

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The program has ended. Hugs, handshakes and promises to stay in touch dominated the last day. The last two lectures by Vietor and Yoffie were truly deserving of standing ovations. Not only was there summarization of the course, there was quite a bit of new material covered in these lectures.

I am sure all of us in the program are going home wiser and thanks to Shad Hall, most of us are healthier. All of us will go back to what we have missed for these past 8 weeks – time with our family, our favorite hobby and our homes. For me, it was back to mountain biking and what made it more special was having my daughter join me on my bike ride. Thanks to Nidhi, she has certainly improved her bike riding skills in the last two months – pleasantly surprised. Other thing I noted again – The San Francisco Bay Area is truly the most beautiful place I have lived!

I will be back at work on Monday and am struggling to see how I have apply what I have learnt during the last 8 weeks – not because of lack of ‘material’ but more because I have not had the time to prioritize what is applicable to my business.

As I go back, I cannot help remember a statement made in the last lecture ‘Who will miss you when you are gone?’ I know who missed me at home and I will find out on Monday if anyone missed me at work…

This post wraps up my 8 weeks at Harvard. I will continue to blog but will not have much to say on a daily basis – so when I come across something interesting, I will be sure to share it with you.

foggy morning ride dad and daughter


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  1. Mickey Oba says:

    Hi Samvit,
    Thank you for reminding me of the final moment at AMP. I still dream of the program, something like Vietor’s shuffle, but my focus in daytime is take-away from the 8 week cource. I have just started to listen carefully to people at home, workplace, and neibourhoods.

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