Day 52 – Standing ovations…

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The HBS faculty is superb.   That is a rather benign statement till I add …however we need to identify with and show favoritism towards the ones we really like.  This last few days are about ‘wrap up’ lectures.  For some professors, there is unanimous opinion of favoritism but I am sure that for others there are some divergent views. Guess we are all polite enough to oblige the folks who feel compelled to offer a standing ovation – Net result everyone joins in!

I looked up standing ovation on GOOGLE and found this on wikipedia..

Some have observed that the standing ovation has come to be devalued, such as in the field of politics, in which on some occasions standing ovations may be given to political leaders as a matter of course, rather than as a special honour in unusual circumstances

Call me old fashioned but I still believe in standing ovations being a mark of special honor and while I do join in every time, I must say that I have my favorites.

Sessions today were focused on ‘re-entry’ into the workplace.  I don’t like that term re-entry.  Regardless, I reflect upon the last 8 weeks and feel fortunate to have experienced them.  As I get back to work, I have to evaluate how I take things forward, apply what I have learnt in these 8 weeks and figure out how best to give credit to the folks who have been managing the show brilliantly in my absence.

Tomorrow and on Friday,  we have a series of final lectures and I have no doubt that the faculty will have an impressive summary of the course.   As one of the professors said ‘If you have been sleeping the last 7 weeks, this is the class to attend.’

I start packing tomorrow and look forward to heading home!


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