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Day 51 – Boxes and shipping labels..

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Packing away cases, books, and all the shopping hauls; I am sure most of the AMP participants thinking about what they are packing away for the future – What is truly been the take away from the last 8 weeks?  I am sure there have been different take aways for everyone – some disappointments, some stellar moments, some ah-ha moments.  For me personally, it has been a mixed bag but a rejuvenation of sorts…

As I get back to work after these 8 weeks, I hope to evaluate the learnings from the program, my living group and changes in myself in light of their applicability to my professional and personal life.  Needless to say, these 8 weeks have been invaluable.

At a personal level, it has meant a lot to have new friends for life.  We are already talking reunions and visiting each other.  I am confident that the living group mates will be a good sounding board in future decision making, career choices and more trivial things like vacation destinations!


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