Day 48 – Last Saturday at AMP

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Today is the last Saturday at the AMP program and our living group had a nice dinner in Boston and as we speak we are watching ‘Good Fellas’ – nice movie.

I am pretty sure we will miss the company of the group, the diversity, the arguments and the competitive spirit.  We have had a great time learning and living together.   We have certainly gotten to know each other better.  We definitely know that the Australian is fake….

scotsmanIt is only too often the Scotsman shows up.  The international karaoke competition was the latest artistic display of Scottish brilliance!

We have a local person whose restaurant picks every Saturday night have been outstanding and he has been gracious enough to join us 6 out of the 7 Saturdays.  Guess we are the ‘temporary’ family.  My sincere thanks to his family.  However we have had some problems with his accent.  So we took him to a speech therapist and he was prescribed this..

boston accentAs per the doctor, we should see a marked improvement in 8 weeks or so.  Talking about doctors, our Swiss buddy has needed a couple of visits to the docs – he got new glasses out of the deal.  However we think he needs another visit to the ear doctor.  Well for the time being we have set him up in a way that will help him ‘hear’ the next week through..


I dont believe anyone in this AMP class will debate the best athlete of the class. The Spaniard in our living group gets the prize … Running, Soccer, Squash, gym – he is good at it all.  Singing too!  Go Spain!

spainWe all have aspirations. Our Spaniard has some competition from a Canadian and our wise man from Nigeria wishes his good squash game got better.  He has a couple of people to beat.  The rest he has taken care of.

But I am impressed with their game. They have beat people half their age at squash.

Active bunch of folks in the living group.  The Singaporean – Chinese in the group never ceases to amaze the group with his consumption of cookies.  I guess his has a way about him of running it off. He is super fit! This is his usual haul back from lunch..chinese-almond-cookies

As for me, I have been fortunate to be a part of this group and am sure the friendship will continue.  As for class, I have had the luxury of bringing both the Indian and the American perspective.  All in all good fun has been had by all.

confused desi


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