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Day 47 – An evening of memorable performances!

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I missed two classes today – a first for me during this program.  All for good reason – had a really good client meeting in Boston.  However, I regret having missed Fruhan’s class – heard it was the best!

So ‘re-entry’ back into the workplace has started… Real problems, Real opportunities and to some extent a ‘new’ (renewed) and refreshed perspective.

I am looking forward to the wrap up lectures next week.

My living group (Living Group 21) hosted a party and I guess we scored high marks on attendance and participation.  Core to the party was karaoke!  Not only did we have good individual and group contribution,  I can safely say that we were all pleasantly surprised by some folks not shy of showcasing their lack of singing skills.  Hats off to those of you who entertained without hesitation!

There was an ‘international’ competition and I have videos – YES I DO!

It was amazing to see the various teams perform.

Least number of representatives but highest marks for participation – Peru – Bruno & an AMP guest (Bruno’s borther-in-law) did a great job

Most number of Scots with an identity crisis – Well the AMP program has only one ‘fake’ Scotsman.  Kevin is described as the schizophrenic scotsman who lives in Australia!  Despite being the only Scotsman, we had plenty of folks who joined Kevin to sing a rather vibrant rendition of ‘I am gonna be (500 miles)’ – a song by the Proclaimers.  I like the song but did not realize they were a Scottish band.  Maybe they are not and are fighting an identity crisis.  In any case, great show guys!

The Spanish had the most ‘fashionable’ performance.   The song – I could not tell you but they did a great job.

The most bizarre – The performance by the Kiwis!

Most number of performances – The Japanese and the Chinese.

Individual representing the most number of countries – Kevin – Scotland, England, Australia and get this the African continent ??  He would have joined New Zealand but refrained..

The show was started off by Duane and the ladies of the group singing Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ – Fabulous!  And I cannot neglect to mention Mike’s solo performance of John Denver’s Take me home, Country roads..  Very nice and (brave).

All in all  a great evening event which ended (there are tributaries that have spawned off and are parties are still going..) with the entire group singing ‘We are the World’.  I think all the artists expect Cyndi Lauper were well represented 🙂

Next week is the last week of the program and has some good cases and lectures coming up.

By the way, I saw beautiful fall colors while driving to the meeting this morning.  Here is a sample – don’t think any camera can do justice to the views…

fall colors


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