Day 46 – Relevant News Items today

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An important debate of the internet economy has surprisingly not been discussed during the AMP – not even on technology day.

I follow certain pieces of news and something that had been dormant in the recent past caught my eye in the news today – the subject of Net Neutrality. One of the discussions in the class was around the telecom operators like AT&T being ‘dumb pipes’ that just ‘transport’ ‘intelligent’ traffic from internet big wigs like Google, Skype, facebook and others.

Well AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and other broadband providers take exception to being labeled ‘dumb’ and will fight every attempt of Federal Communications Commissions action to ‘keep the internet regulation open’.  Oddly enough, the argument at both ends – the service providers (AT&T etc.) and the internet czars (Google etc.) is the same – ‘Stifling of Innovation’

Anyway, if you are interested in understanding the principle of net neutrality, you can google it 🙂   One of recent debates using the underpinnings of this principle (on both sides) has been the rejection of the Google Voice application on the Apple Appstore.  Needless to say AT&T had something to do with it.  Net Neutrality is an issue in the US but as communications prices drop globally, this debate will heat up in other countries.

Given the extensive amount of discussion around social networking and ‘new’ communications channels, I found an email from a close friend very timely.  The email has the following video which gives an interesting perspective which proclaims ‘social networking is here to stay!’  Please spend ~4 minutes to look at this..

I am sure you will find some of these numbers fascinating!

A top story run by the New York Times, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal was on the ‘slashing’ of Executive Pay packages.  Obama’s pay czar – Kenneth Feinberg cut compensation of top executives in half; these are companies which form the ‘not so Magnificent Seven’  – Citigroup, Bank of America, General Motors, Chrysler, GMAC, Chrysler Financial and AIG.

Well Mr. Feinberg, I am sure this is a welcome action on your part but many will agree with you that this is not enough…

The good part of Mr. Feinberg’s action – most of the compensation will be in restricted company stock!


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