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Day 45 – Malpractice insurance anyone?

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98000 people die of ‘medical errors’ each year in the USA. That would be considered a pathetic statistic by any standard.  Today we did a case on a Children’s hospital.  Sad that errors occur and many hospitals don’t have the proper procedures in place for root cause analysis, measurement of performance indicators and correction mechanisms.

I couldn’t help thinking about a key impact which was not discussed in class or in the case – the impact of malpractice insurance which has increased steadily till 2000. It seems at one point malpractice insurance in NY was as high as 350K per year for some doctors.  At that point, doctors were reconsidering their profession!

Since 2000, there has been a drop.  I can only imagine and don’t have any concrete evidence (neither am I collecting any) that this has an impact on the healthcare costs that get pushed down to patients and insurance premiums paid by most of us!  This is a depressing topic and hopefully has a right position on the ongoing healthcare debate…

Away from the depressing topic, a large group went to see the Bruins play (an ice hockey game).  It was fun and we had great seats.

Here are some pics.  Will write more tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from the game..


And here is a shot of the folks form LG21:



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