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Day 44 – Not enough rotation at ‘Rotation Dinners’

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Dinner on Tuesday is a ‘rotation’ dinner – an attempt to facilitate interaction between AMP classmates outside of the living group.  A general comment from many folks today was ‘I knew all the people at dinner’ – Now one could argue that there isn’t much rotation going on but on the flip side, the rotation dinner program has worked! Personally I feel that 6 weeks into the program, pretty much everyone has met and interacted with each other – No asocial souls here!

As the program gets into the final two weeks, I have noticed a few more people missing from classes – they  are either planning their ‘reentry’ into their workplace or have become more discerning attendees – picking the classes/professors more applicable to their specific situations.  Or maybe fatigue is setting in?

An interesting case on Executive Pay and debate around ‘Say on Pay’ which brings in a view that shareholders of a company must have a say in CEO and Executive compensation.  Ideas bounced around were ‘cap on pay’, ‘failure of boards’ and ‘CEO/Chairman role separation’.  I was surprised to see an almost unanimous vote on the view that the role of the CEO and Chairman of the Board should not be played by the same person.  This is a key issue for the US and I am sure causes some obvious bias during compensation structuring.

Another case today was on LinkedIn Corp – this is described as a ‘live’ case given the issues being discussed in class are the some of same being discussed at LinkedIn today.  One big challenge facing LinkedIn today is the response to the potential threat it faces from social networks like facebook.  How should LinkedIn contain this threat 300M subscribers at facebook vs. 50M at LinkedIn?  Popular wisdom say that social and professional networks should be kept separate.  Prof. David Yoffie suggests a ‘professionally social’ network will emerge.  We can all wait and see! In my view, a collaborative intersection between social and professional networks is inevitable but I don’t teach strategy…


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