Day 42 – Good Coffee & First Snow!

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6 weeks into the program and the Europeans and the Australian had their first decent coffee yesterday!  After dinner in the Italian part of Boston, we went to Cafe Vittoria – excellent coffee and dessert.  Malcolm had been there before and the place was highly recommended.  Kevin, Stephan, Alfonso and Malcolm enjoyed their coffee. Oh ok..Michael and I appreciated it too.  To be fair, they are not being ‘coffee snobs’, if we can have one thing to complain about the food services at the program, coffee would be it.  And coffee after dinner just doesn’t go without good dessert, so we shared a few items!  With all the work and exercise, nobody is feeling too guilty about it.


The Head of the Charles race must have been tough today – temperature was around 36 F  and was wet all day.  To add to the rowers’ misery, it started snowing in the afternoon.  The snow was wet and did not stick to the ground. Here is a view from our living room.

first snow

Week 7 starts tomorrow.  Quite a few interesting cases coming up.  Particularly interesting in the LinkedIn case.  Also looking forward to a talk by George Soros.


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