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Day 41 – Business, Government, International Economics & Theatrics!

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Professor Richard H.K. Vietor teaches International Political Economy. For our class, he has been doing cases on countries and their economic, political and socio-economic elements. His focus in the last couple of weeks has been Europe – Today’s case was on Italy – safe to say that the country is in trouble! but as of now it is tough to find a country that isn’t in trouble.

Professor Vietor is energetic, animated, controversial and I can safely say his classes are the most anticipated – theatrics make learning more fun! He always likes to stir some trouble – Unfortunately for the Italians, there was no Italian in the class today. Here is a little clip which will highlight his style – unfortunately I don’t have one where he has his cartoonish facial expressions:

Video taken out – against Harvard Policy and I respect that

This weekend is the ‘Head of The Charles Regatta’ rowing event. Busy across the street from McArthur Hall. Will go and watch the races tomorrow.


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