Day 35 – Bright crisp weekend

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It was a beautiful day today – crisp fall day, very bright and sunny.  However the temperature dropped quite a bit in the evening.  Most of the day was spent studying but Alfonso, Kevin and I did make it out to Harvard Square for lunch.  The mood was festive with almost carnival like atmosphere in Harvard Square. Eclectic, indigenous, freaky, funky and cute describe the diversity of the crowd today. Themed stilts walkers (dancers) enjoyed an elevated view.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day when Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ America (sounds similar to Al Gore ‘invented’ the Internet).   Anyway, the fact remains that the Italian gained support for this journey form the King and Queen (Fredrick & Isabella) of Spain and he set sail to discover the ‘new world’ – Well that is debatable – the goal was to seek new routes to India, China, far east, Japan and the ‘Spice lands’.  What amuses me is the fact that he gets recognized for ‘discovering’ America, a land that was already inhabited!  It was a few years later that Vasco De Gama, a Portuguese explorer discovered the route to India.

There is more controversy that surrounds Christopher Columbus – his slavery of the Native Americans – the people he labeled ‘Indians’, forceful conversion of the Native Americans to Christianity and the introduction of new and devastating diseases.

I follow a principle – ‘never criticize someone you cannot praise’.  So in his praise – He was a courageous man and set out on a voyage which was clearly dangerous and unattempted.  He also ended up proving that the earth was round.  He should be remembered and certainly deserves more than a mention in the history books but in my mind does not warrant a day off for the US government or no school for Obama’s daughters.  Controversy on this ‘holiday’ does get reflected by serveral US states not observing this holiday.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.


Crisp fall day:



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