Day 34 – Dinner out in Boston

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We went to a very nice place for dinner in Boston- Sibling Rivalry. The menu was very limited but unique..  It had two sides – one by Chef Dave and the other by Chef Bob. Bob and Dave are brothers and have run this place for the last few years.  The place was packed and the food was delicious.  Guess 6 days of gym a week and 16 hours of studying cuts you some slack on indulgence – Dessert was great!

Monday marks the start of the 6th week of the program.  We have all become better at reading and now we are in the phase we are customizing the program to fit our own needs.  The cases come under scrutiny with a ‘selfish’ view on takeaways to our own situation.  However with the increased interaction, this is becoming a close knit community.  Very diverse but with an element of commonality.

The pace of the program has certainly picked up but so has our ability to absorb, aggregate and distill elements relevant to our own situations.  I must say that the design of the program is well thought through.

This used to be a 13 week program at one point – HBS trimmed it down to 8 weeks but did not trim the curriculum or the number of cases.


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