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Day 32 – Clothes smell cleaner today :)

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This is my fifth week at HBS and I have used the washer & dryer once a week.  It was today that I realized that I had not read and hence not followed the instructions on top of the washing machine!

follow instructions dummy

Well I am sure some of you guessed, I never bothered with #3 above 🙂

I admit that I am often quick to laugh at the expense of others – So here is an opportunity to laugh at my expense! Following instructions and instruction manuals have never been my forte!

Had some good lectures today – David Yoffie moved to the next module in his course – Competitor Analysis.  The case under discussion is about artificial sweeteners – Nutrasweet vs.  HSC ( a non branded aspartame based sweetener).  The case discussion is about competitive strategy and in this particular instance about how to deal with competition entering the market.

While doing some case research, I came across numerous websites that talk about the side effects of these artificial sweeteners – be it Nutrasweet (Equal), Sweet & Low, saccharine or Splenda.  They are all bad for you!  So I would urge those of you who have any intake of these sweeteners to reconsider their consumption.  Going back to sugar in the raw and just cutting down the consumption amount may be a better deal for your health.

What amuses me the most about these sweeteners is the fact that almost all of them were discovered accidentally.  Aspartame was discovered by James Schlatter, a research scientist who was working on developing an anti-ulcer drug.  Sacchrine (for all the non-chemical engineers) is a petroleum derivative (certainly was a key learning for me today).

Diabetes is quite widespread in the world especially in countries near and dear to me – India and the USA.  While I sympathize with diabetics with a sweet tooth, my advice would be to say away from these sweeteners.  You can always indulge infrequently with the real deal!

More on the sweetener competition tomorrow!


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  1. Tsk tsk – clearly out of practice when it comes to doing laundry 😉
    I totally agree with your approach of indulging infrequently in the real deal rather than relying on substitutes. You have good company in that philosophy, going all the way back to Aristotle who in his Doctrine of the Mean basically exhorted moderation.

    To give your readers a break from the dry, intense world of business, here is a small dose of classical philosophy (duly adapted and translated):

    “..with respect to the enjoyment of pleasures,
    temperance is a mean between
    the excess of intemperance and the deficiency of insensibility..”

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