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Day 26 – Harvard is the 2nd richest private institution?

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Per the tour guide, with its $27B   endowment  Harvard is second to the Roaman Catholic Church.  Amazing!

We took a campus tour and learnt about the non business school side of Harvard.  They have a unique selection process which ends up taking in about 9% of applicants.   The school was founded in 1636 and has been home to many famous figures. Two things that I found very odd:

  1. This school used to be segregated and it was only in the 1990s that  women got Harvard University diplomas. They used to get Radcliff diplomas till then.
  2. Tommy Lee Jones and ex. Vice President Al Gore were roommates at Harvard.  Wonder if it was here that Al ‘invented’ the internet.  And did Tommy help  him? 🙂

Beautiful campus with a lot of history.  Hopefully Niki got inspiration from this place.

Here is a picture of Nidhi in front of the Baker library.  It was a beautiful day.

nidhi in front of Baker library

Update on October 6 2009:

Here is an article Michael gave me today – so Harvard’s endowment was ~$37B before the current economic crisis!  Amazing.

Ivy league endowment


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  1. Amitabh says:

    Interesting..Sahil has a letter that he has to write in conversation with his teacher every weekend…in it he wrote yesterday: “I want to become…, so I would like to go to Georgetown or Yale”. I better learn living in a hut now to afford those fees..Need to check on their endowments…oh well will figure it out by then.

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