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Day 25 – Break! Is it mid program already?

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As they say time flies – the last 4 weeks certainly did.  I have learnt a fair bit in the last four weeks and it is not just the learning in class – the interaction with others and the perspective of the group certainly adds to the classroom learning.

My sincere thanks to Girish & Umesh – thanks for keeping my work inbox clean.  I have to admit that I have been checking work emails but only cursory looks.

Nidhi and Niki arrive here tomorrow morning.  While the forecast calls for not so great weather, I am sure we will have fun.

Today we had Christine Day from Lululemon.  She is the CEO at what seems to be an exciting company.  She spent most of her professional career at Starbucks.  I just wanted to take a poll to see if you have heard of them.  The name of the company amuses me.

Well for those of you who don’t know, Lululemon is a athletic apparel maker with roots in Canada. They have a stores in Canada, USA and have a joint venture in Australia.  They claim their products are stylish, durable, fit for purpose and cost an arm and a leg 🙂

Will try and write the next couple of days if I find a few minutes.  Otherwise I will write on Monday night (October 5, 2009).


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