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Day 23 – HTC is the #4 mobile device maker in the World

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I will caveat this post by stating this (in case you did not know) I am a big fan of HTC and have a favorable bias towards their products.  My current phone is HTC Touch Pro2 (http://www.htc.com/www/product/touchpro2/overview.html); it is a workhorse that helps me during my busy travel.

Peter Chou (HTC’s CEO) is an unassuming man and he comes across as a down-to-earth leader who is very much in touch with his market and customers.  More importantly, he has clarity of vision on the strategy to take his company to the top 3 in the world.  Quite an amazing feat to be based in Taiwan and be at a revenue mark of $5B in less than a decade.

In my view his strategy is to learn from the best and apply that to HTC.  He is focused on innovation and speed to market and wants to get more disciplined in taking ideas to market.  I saw a Google android based handset which interestingly enough was very similar in look and feel to a windows mobile handset.  HTC has been woking on its own UI based on what they call Touch-FLO and have leveraged it across the Google and Microsoft platforms.  In my view that is perfect value add on the OS!  Needless to say, this was a very interesting class today.

HTC’s issues:

  1. Ongoing management of relationships with 2 OS partners – Google and Microsoft – one allows free use of OS, the other charges royalty
  2. Challenge iPhone penetration (in some markets, HTC phones are already considered as viable alternatives)
  3. Decide on whether to develop their own OS.

I was quite surprised by the lack of awareness about HTC in the class.  Guess the brand has a long way to go.  I am sure Peter and team will figure it out shortly.

Here is a picture of him sharing some of his views on HTC and the industry:

humble man

Tomorrow has an interesting case on Nigeria.  We are fortunate to have a Nigerian (Alex Otti) in our living group.  We just wrapped up the discussion on Nigeria and can safely say that we are well prepared for class tomorrow.


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