Day 21 – Short week ahead!

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Classes end this week on Thursday.  Friday and the weekend make up the mid-program break.  Looking forward to having Nidhi and Niki over for the weekend.  While Nidhi attends class on Saturday (they have special classes for spouses) and Niki goes to Salem, I will snooze 🙂

Just wrapped up with the preparations for class tomorrow.  The first case for discussion tomorrow is the one on space shuttle Columbia disaster.  What makes this more interesting is the fact that two of the NASA engineers who worked on the mission will be in the room tomorrow.  I have a few questions for them and am sure so does everyone else in the program.

Fall is beginning to set in.  Leaves on some trees are started to change color and I am sure in another couple of weeks, the colors will become vibrant.  Looking forward to that.

fall colors There are a couple of trees right outside McArthur Hall with colorful leaves.


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