Day 18 – Marketing creativity

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I usually listen to music on my phone in the gym every morning.  Today for some reason, I decided to tune into one of the TVs and I am glad that I did!  This week has 2 sessions on marketing and as an early start to today’s marketing session, I saw what in my opinion was the most creative marketing campaign to promote a cause which requires serious awareness.

I am sure some of you have seen this but if you have not, please find it and watch it on YouTube.  I will not put the URL here but if you search for ‘canadian cancer awareness ad’, it should be the first video.  In my opinion, this has been brilliantly done and pushes the right buttons to raise breast cancer awareness.  If you find this offensive, my apologies in advance.  CNN played the ad in its entirety.

Had a very interesting case on Apple today.  David Yoffie did a fine job at teaching it.  Turns out he has consulted for John Scully and some of the other executives at Apple.

The class ended with a picture of aging Steve Jobs and a question about sustainability of Apple and its explosive growth.

Next Tuesday, the CEO of HTC will be here teaching the class along with David Yoffie.  I have been an ardent HTC fan and a loyal customer  and am looking forward to the class.

‘Filler’ picture of the day..  This is the main entrance to McArthur Hall.

mcarthur entrance


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