Day 15 – More learning

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Tomorrow, we discuss credit rating agencies – in my amateurish judgment, bunch of fraud causing a lot of problems but getting away clean despite all the mess in the financial world.  These companies make a lot of money and ‘conflict of interest’ would be an understatement in their business model.  Packaging of bad loans over and over again – in a way brilliant folks I must say!  Hopefully some reform guidelines will help prevent this in the future.. Wishful thinking?

By the way Fruhan did bring a model A380 to class and as a bonus he also got a 787 model.  Good discussion – It will be interesting to see how Airbus does in the long run and if Boeing has any more delays to announce. Airbus is finally delivering A380s but the customers are now backing off on their order commitments. Must be painful to be in an industry where you have to bet the entire company to create a new product which may take 10 years to launch.

Was a gorgeous day today.  I had a short walk.  Here is the pic of the day.

Rowing team close up..rowing closeup


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