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Day 14 – Will Fruhan bring an A380 to class tomorrow?

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Professor Fruhan has an interesting habit of bringing to class products from companies being discussed in class.  To date, he has brought a wooden plank (Cartwright Lumbar), worn his 15 year old Nike shoes (Nike), brought a soldering tool and a file (Nicholson File), Cheerios box (General Mills) to the class.. Problem is tomorrow we are discussing Airbus A3XX as the case puts it.  Given that the class has not been moved to Logan airport, I am reasonably certain that he will make do with a model plane 🙂

Just got back from dinner at the Fruhan home – It was very nice of Bill and Ginny to have 20+ folks over.  Food was great and Ginny was a very gracious host!  She had read some of the bios of the folks attending.  Impressive.  Beautiful home – very tastefully kept.  It is 110 years old.

Still have at at least an hour of work before hitting the bed.

It was a bright and beautiful day today..

Here is a pic of Canadian geese swimming about near the river bank.

canadian geese

Back to the grind tomorrow!  Oh wait I have been back all day today 😦


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