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Day 13 – Second evening out for the prisoners!

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Had a wonderful dinner and an evening out with the living/learning group.   Was good fun.

Had a good  class on China and Professor Veitor started with a disclaimer “These are not my maps – they are prepared by the US State department.”  Learnt a lot about China, the WTO and the intricate relationships leading to trade imbalance.  Needless to say, my buddy from the India class was very vocal and provided good insight.  The most favorite “Yes you can sell property  in China – you just don’t use the word ‘sell’.”

This program is all about broadening your horizons.  You can limit your learning to the class but if you do that you are shortchanging yourself. There is almost as much if not more to be learnt through interacting with you class/batch mates.  Of course the living group will always be special!

view from the living room

This is the view from our living room – The Charles river with Harvard Square in the background.

More reading for tomorrow followed by a dinner at Prof. Fruhan’s house tomorrow night.  Should be fun.


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