Day 12 – Political Conflict @ AMP

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Professor Veitor starts his class on ‘India’- the Indians in the room are itching to tell him that the map of India on the screen is wrong but all of them don’t feel right distrubing the class.  Finally to stir things a little bit (I think), he brought the discussion to the map of India to the region he called ‘Jamu & Kashhmeer’  – “Anyone from that area”, he asks.  I raise my hand (convenient to be an American or an Indian) depending on the environment.   He proceeded to question innocently ” What What is up with the Line of Control?”  Is that the part  that is ‘owned’ by Pakistan.  At this point, a Pakistani in the class perks up “No that is not true all of it is owned by Pakistan”  My comment “Yeah right!” brought about unanimous laughter.

All this went on for a few minutes and there was good debate.  An uncomfortable Chinese gentleman could not resist expressing his displeasure and blurted out “No politics in this class. And the map you have is not correct.  I have a map with me with the highlighted sections owned by China!” He was referring to the region around Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram.  The professor was very patient, listened to him for a little bit and respectfully retorted “I will put up ‘your’ map but we do teach politics here”.

I have to say India is precious – a lot of people staking claims to it.

group 21 - ALex

and here is who we call the prince of Nigeria…Mr. Alex Otti.  These fine gentlemen make up Living group 21!

Alex otti small



  1. Amit Shah says:

    Hi Samvit: How wonderful to read about your experience in this rapid fire MBA (Manu Badhu Avde) program. Brings memories of my “extended MBA” sojourn through business school almost 16 years ago and of my grandmother keeping diaries every day of her life about 50 years ago. What an amazing opportunity you have! I am sure as always you will make the most of it.
    Your thoughts and comments have been insightful especially what Bob K. had to say to you on investment. I noticed that you did not have your friendly neighbor across the LOC in the picture:)
    Have fun and keep writing!

  2. Ouch – politics (and religion)…always touchy topics by themselves, even more so in business, and yet almost always impossible to completely keep apart. Your professor is right – you can’t not teach and discuss politics while trying to understand the nuances of business. Public policy drives (or impairs) a lot of business, and public policy is quite influenced by politics 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend, and make sure you keep doing your homework !
    – JT

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