Day 11 – Learning about India!

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CPI, GNP, GDP, Inflation, Current Account, Balance of Exchange – Figures, numbers, graphs – reading, interpreting, understanding fiscal policy, economic policy, impact of political, social and environmental elements… This is what we are studying over the next few weeks.

The professor is definitely fond of fast vehicles – possibly bullet trains – because the speed and the momentum of his teaching is extremely high.  Over the next few weeks, we will study India, Nigeria, China, US and Singapore over a 20+ year period.  Definitely very interesting but need some grounding of Macro Economics.  The pre-course reading definitely helped. Just  finished the day wrapping up a group discussion / preparation on the India case.  Should be a very interesting discussion tomorrow.

Had the good fortune of being taught a class by Guhan Subramanian.  For those of you who have a few minutes to spare, please look up his profile.

Here is a picture I have been meaning to post for a few days.  This is the view from the common area of our living group. One of the rowing teams is practicing.rowing


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