Day 10 – Negotiations for Dummies?

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Max Bazerman is a the professor who teaches the course on Negotiations & Decision Making has an interesting way about describing his involvement at the AMP program.  In his words “I teach really smart people simple things that they get wrong”.  By far the most interesting course material, teaching style and format.  We will have multiple mock negotiation scenarios as individuals and team members.  He has a week long involvement with the program and he claims that all of us will be better negotiators by end of day Friday this week 🙂  I certainly look forward to that!

Every morning on my way to the gym (Shad Hall), I pass the beautiful Baker library.  It is a majestic building with beautiful Georgian architecture and certainly warrants a picture on this blog.


Another regular sighting on the way to the gym are cute creatures that make up a bulk of Harvard’s wildlife – rabbits!  Cannot post a picture because I have not been successful at persuading them to pose for my phone.


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