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Day 8 – Week 2 – Efficiency in Operations at HBS

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13 blackboards and sometimes all of them used! – That is a lot of erasing to do in between classes!


Have to say that am impressed with the pre & post class work involved in a running program like this.  I guess it has been a while since I was in school!

Things are going well – getting into the rythm of things.  We had someone from another living group sitting at our dinner table today commenting ” I heard that you are the living group having the most fun!”

So far our group has got along quite well and I hope it stays that way. We have sorted out roles and responsibilities amongst the group members from the get go and that has served us well.  Each of us takes turns doing case deep-dives, presentations, facilitation and if required providing expert advice.  It is therefore an excellent mechanism of internal and in class learning.

Will write more tomorrow…


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