Day 6 – Prisoners get a break!

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Guess prisoners do get some playtime for good behavior 🙂  And good behavior it has been!  No time for mischief.

Has been raining all day. Finished the classes at 230 pm – some gym and then a bit of relaxation for the first time in the week.  It was nice to have some breathing room today.  Had a lovely dinner with the living group mates.

Had an interesting discussion during one of the classes today on the case of New Century Mortgage – a company squarely at the heart of subprime mortgage crisis.  Obviously, the company does not exist today but the business model was quite similar to FirstPlus Financial (a company I worked for in Dallas).  FirstPlus went under in 1997/98. Brought back memories…

Needless to say, the faculty at HBS and specially the ones teaching the AMP are top class.  Teaching is tough and they make it seem very simple.  Wonder how the MBA classes are conducted.

Get a little bit of free time tomorrow morning then off to studying the cases to be discussed in class on Monday.


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