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Day 5 – Sept. 11 – I certainly will not forget!

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Sept. 11 is a sad day in history.  After 8 years, I still cannot come to grips with the void in the New York City skyline.  Having worked at the WTC for over 3 years and having been a part of the 1993 (Feb. 26) blast, it gets personal for me.  My thoughts and prayers for those who lost (a lot) that day.  Hope they had the strength to pull through!

But the world is a hectic place and life goes on….  Don’t think too many people even thought about the events on 9/11/2001 today.

So HBS program went on too without a blip!  Just finished up the day.  Excellent lecture by professor Srikant Datar (one of his degrees is from IIM A’bad) on the basic principles of Accounting.  He went about in the most simplistic way possible to explain accounting principles.

Another professor Bill Fruhan drew this excellent graph depicting the frustration level most of us will experience with the Finance and Accounting part of the program fruhans graphthe 8 weeks.  He promises that the 8th week will be JOY!


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