Day 4 – Amazing team

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It is 12:15 AM so technically day 5- have had a non-stop day which started at 5:45 AM.  Work ethic in our group is amazing!  I am learning a lot but also facilitating a lot.  Excellent experience  being surrounded by 6 smart and successful people.  Trouble is that there is not enough time to get each person’s perspective in its entirety .  All in all we make a great team.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day with 3 cases which came a surprise to everyone and most folks only started reading after 5 PM.

Had a lecture session with Rob Kaplan (will post a picture later) – vice chairman of Goldman Sachs. Investment advise from him – if you held on to your investments through the rock bottom, you did a good thing.  Take 10% or so off the table and leave the rest.  There are still buying opportunities but they are disappearing fast.  He does predict another correction though but all in all is bullish on US and emerging market.  He mentioned that some of his friends are buying gold. Though he does not understand why, he has a great deal of respect for these friends.  Interesting to hear about his interactions with policy makers and the economists.

One thing of importance he highlighted as a bad trend – The US middle class is eroding!


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