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HBS roomGetting used to the HBS Case process.  We did a ‘light’ set of cases on Nike as a evolving company 1972 – 82 and now beyond.  A lot material to read, analyze, interpret and provide thoughts and views.  The group study mechanism is good – excellent actually.  I have a good group of people with very diverse backgrounds.  Gives me a perspective that I would have never had.  People think and evaluate things in very different ways and even when they come to the same conclusion as you, their process of analyzing information is quite different.

Typical day is going to have 3 cases to review.  In a normal manner, the cases would take about 2 hours each to review.  Don’t have that kind of time.  So have to get good at doing two things:  1) Focus on getting the relevant information out by skimming through the case 2) Leverage the strengths of the various group members and learn from them.

I think the Finance & Accounting aspects will be challenging for me but I know help is available.  I have one CFO in my study group.

Living space is excellent – a little small.  The fitness center is amazing.  Wake up time is 5:45 AM for me.  Not very different than my usual routine.  But it is going to be a packed day every day.  Will write more about the faculty later.


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