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Starting today, I am attending an 8 week program at the Harvard Business School.  It is what they call their flagship Advanced Management Program.  They have run this program since 1945.  I have heard a lot of (mostly good) things about this program from a few past attendees I know.  I am going to pen down a few lines every day to highlight what I am experiencing.

So the first day….

Interesting would be one word to describe it.  However the experience can be stated in one line:

They are teaching us to drink from a firehose!

Have an amazingly diverse group of people in attendance.  We have be divided into Learning Groups of 7 – 9 folks.  My group has two people from the US.  The remaining are from China, Nigeria, Australia, Spain and Thailand.  The guy from Thailand is missing in action.

Today will be real deal in class with the first CASE on Nike.  There is something called the Harvard cold call where the professor calls on you to share your views with the class.  Let us see when I get my cold call 🙂

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Very difficult to keep my mind of work but have tried hard.


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